McLarty Photo | VCW - July 26 2014

Vanguard Championship Wrestling's 2014 Liberty Lottery event. Norfolk Masonic Temple. Norfolk, VA. High-resolution downloads and licensing options available, upon request.

VCW Liberty Lottery 2014 Results courtesy of VCW Timekeeper Christopher Richards:

Match 1 - Bobby Shields (with Spencer Chestnutt) defeated Brandon Scott and Sean Denny, when he pinned Scott in 5:32 to earn the #20 spot in the Liberty Lottery Battle Royal. As a result of their loss, Scott and Denny became the #1 and #2 entrants.

Match 2 - The Reason pinned U.S. Jay Steel (c) in 10:58 to win the VCW United States L...iberty Championship, after Jerry Stephanitsis and Wolfbane interfered.

Match 3 - RH3 (c) (w/ Jerry Stephanitsis and Wolfbane) defeated James Dallas Hall by DQ in 15:46 to retain the VCW Commonwealth Heritage Championship. After the match, Country Kidd made the save when RH3 and Wolfbane were beating down James Dallas Hall.

Match 4 - The Liberty Lottery Battle Royal was won by Sean Denny (Entrant #2) in 34:24, last eliminating Brandon Scott (Entrant #1). Other participants, in order of entry, included: Wolfbane, Chatch, Mr. Class, The Reason, Country Kidd, Asaafi, Shorty Smalls, Krotch, Jean Jean Le Bon, Poncho Velez, Livid, Andre Jackson, Beau Crockett, James Dallas Hall (no show), Mark Denny, Devin Lopez, Idol X, and Bobby Shields.

*[Order of eliminations: Wolfbane (by S. Denny), Country Kidd (by Class), Poncho Velez (by Smalls), Mr. Class (by S. Denny), The Reason (by U.S. Jay Steel/Scott), James Dallas Hall (no showed), Chatch (by Le Bon), Jean Jean Le Bon (by Chatch), Livid (by Scott), Andre Jackson (by Smalls/Asaafi), Krotch (by Scott), Beau Crockett (by Scott), Bobby Shields (by Scott/S. Denny), Mark Denny/Shorty Smalls (exited match), Devin Lopez (by Asaafi), Idol X (by S. Denny), Asaafi (by Scott/S. Denny), Brandon Scott (by S. Denny)]
*{Most Eliminations - 6 (tied) Brandon Scott & Sean Denny}

Match 5 - CW Anderson & Phil Brown (c) defeated Steve Corino & Adam Page in 13:21, when Brown pinned Page to retain the VCW Tag Team Championship. After the match, Steve Corino and Adam Page got into a brawl.

Match 6 - Dirty Money (c) pinned Diamond Victor Griff in 22:37 to retain the VCW Heavyweight Championship.